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Director of Operations
Lisa, our esteemed Director of Operations and Agent Development, brings a wealth of leadership experience and an unwavering commitment to growth, playing a crucial role in steering our team toward success.
In her strategic leadership role, Lisa spearheads our team's goals and charts the course for its growth trajectory. Her keen eye for detail is evident in the seamless management of daily business operations, from overseeing office functions to meticulous business planning. Lisa's strategic acumen ensures that our team operates cohesively, aligned with the overarching mission and vision of The Carrie Holle Group.
Firmly rooted in the principles of coaching and accountability, Lisa guides team members toward achieving their full potential. Emphasizing the importance of partnership and development, Lisa ensures that every team member is committed to lead generation, effective communication, and the realization of team goals.
Lisa's commitment extends to training and development, where she equips the team with the tools needed for leadership excellence and effective task prioritization. Beyond the professional realm, Lisa enjoys quality time with her family at Sweetwater Lake and shares her passion for hockey with her husband Todd and two sons. Residing in Carmel, Lisa brings not only professional expertise but also a personal touch that makes The Carrie Holle Group the #1 mid-size team by volume in Indiana.

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